How to Create Seamless Patterns in Adobe Illustrator faster than AI

Today you will learn how to create seamless patterns in the Illustrator fast and easy using scripts. I’ll show how to run scripts in one click using Actions panel. And you will see how to accelerate workflow by scripts.

Step 1

Let’s start with Actions panel. Actions can run any function in Adobe Illustrator. Also you can attach hotkeys to your Actions. And Actions can run scripts of course.

Take Free Stock Master script for example. This script can automatically prepare vector files for microstocks. At first you should install the script. See how to do it in the User Guide of Free Stock Master. After installation you can find the script in the menu File > Scripts.

Create new document in the Illustrator. Then open the Actions panel (Window > Actions). Click to the button Create New Set. You can write any name for your Actions.

Go to the menu of Actions panel and click New Action.

Write name of your action in the next window. Choose hotkey for the action in the Function Key option. Finally click the Record button.

Then you should stop the recording because we need to insert our script to the action manually. Click the button Stop Playing/Recording.

Go to the menu and press Insert Menu Item.

Insert cursor in the next window and go to the menu File > Scripts > FreeStockMaster_v10. This script appears in the window. Then click OK.

Now you can make your own hotkeys for all scripts.

But there is one bug in Adobe Illustrator. Actions with scripts does not work after reboot. We asked Adobe support about it. But now they don’t have solution of this problem. So you should save your actions to prevent it. Go to the menu of Actions panel and click Save Actions. Now you have the file that can be used as a backup. Go to the menu and click Replace Actions or Load Actions and recover your actions if you have some problems after reboot.

Step 2

Now we can create the pattern. Draw any decorative element.

Select your decorative element and take the Reflect Tool (O). Hold Alt key and left click to the right anchor point. Set Vertical option and click Copy in the next window.

Result is a symmetrical ornament. You should group all elements (Ctrl+G).

Now you can use Magic Monogram Light script. Select the ornament and run the script. Set 4 sides and click Create button.

Script makes the frame. You can group all elements too (Ctrl+G).

Add some art to the center of the frame. Then rotate it 90 degrees.

Finally select all and go to the menu Object > Expand. Then drag and drop it to the Symbol panel. Now we have symbol on the Artboard for the pattern.

Step 3

Now you can use Magic Pattern Pro script which automatically creates seamless patterns from any sample of your art. Select the symbol on the Artboard and run the script.

Select the template in drop down menu. Then click the Create button.

Script makes seamless pattern.

Now you can edit the symbol if you want. Double click on it and draw something new for example.

Double click on any place of the Artboard to switch normal mode. Now you can see that all symbols are edited.

Select all (Ctrl+A) and group (Ctrl+G). Then go to the menu Object > Expand.

Step 4

You can use the Clipping Mask to hide redundant parts. Or try Magic Eraser script which automatically cuts and deletes objects outside Artboard.

Pick up colors and seamless pattern is ready.

Finally you should save file as *.AI (File > Save as). Now you can use Free Stock Master script to prepare vector file for microstocks. This script scans vector files and fixes mistakes such as open paths, ghost shapes, bitmap, effects etc. Than you can save vector EPS-10 file.

Now you know how to use scripts and speed up your workflow. I hope you’ll find the tutorial useful! It’s easy to be fast and creative.

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